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MC² Mini-Grant Applications

Our community is amazing, and supports our coalition in so many ways! We are thrilled to return that support back to the Marquette County community! Mini-Grants are perfect for smaller organizations that seek programming or project support, up to $500. These opportunities are presented for consideration to our executive board, and funded quarterly.


  • The period to apply for a MC² mini-grant is quarterly based on the following timeline:

    • Q1 | October - December ​

    • Q2 | January - March

    • Q3 | April - June

    • Q4 | July - September

  • Mini-grant requests are presented to the executive board for their consideration upon receipt of your application. Grant applicants will be notified right away if their project is approved for funding.

  • All mini-grant requests are limited to a $500 maximum


Mini-Grants are offered to help support smaller organizations, programs, and projects 

We ask that you limit mini-grant requests from your organization to once per year

Mini-Grants can be requested to help fund your event (IE: children's carnival, art contest, book fair, etc.)

If you ask Marquette County Cares to sponsor your event (and we do), this does not count as a mini-grant. 

If you are an educator utilizing our yearly "MC² In The Classroom" campaign, this does not count as a mini-grant. 

There is no guarantee that mini-grants will be funded or within a certain timeframe

Grant Tips: Here are a few tips for a successful mini-grant application

  • Be concise about what the grant will fund.

  • Be specific in the impact that the funds will have, either on your organization or those you serve.

  • We are a coalition focused on prevention of substance use, abuse, and other problem behaviors in youth. Be sure to let us know how your project supports those goals! :) 

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