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The Marquette County Cares Coalition (MC²) is a community coalition promoting the healthy development of young people by supporting prevention programs right here in Marquette County! 

"Prevention of what?" ...

Initiating use of substances or engaging in risky behavior before adulthood. Drinking alcohol, using nicotine or recreational drugs, delinquent behavior, youth crime, suicide, low commitment to school, anxiety, depression (and so much more).. 

Whether you’re a parent, school administrator, teacher, or community member- YOU have the ability to put youth success first. An investment in prevention programming today is an investment in a healthier future for teens. We get this, and we're hard at work keeping these programs in OUR schools


We want to support and provide young people with opportunities, skills, and recognition that strengthen bonds with school and community. 

School Kids

"Communities That Care empowers communities to use the advances of prevention science to achieve better behavioral health outcomes for young people."

Nora Volkow, Director National Institute on Drug Abuse


Now, we didn't invent this model...

A team of scientists and prevention specialists at CTC have been conducting rigorous, evidence-based prevention work for over three decades! We follow their framework, and support the sustainable use of proven programs. Our coalition follows an evidence-based prevention system. We're here to reduce levels of youth problems and helps them thrive.

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